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"Pianist Leslie Pintchik and her trio gracefully reimagine ['Smoke Gets In Your Eyes'] and two other standards before tearing into a stunning assortment of the bandleader's originals."
DownBeat (review of Same Day Delivery... by Hobart Taylor)
"... a creative composer, inventive arranger and sublime improviser... Pintchik has continued to blossom and this live CD represents some of her best work."
NYC Jazz Record (review of Same Day Delivery... by Ken Dryden)
"Leading her jazz piano trio with nothing but pro moves, this is such a right in the pocket date that she makes it look and sound deceptively effortless... A wonderful snapshot of an artist at the top of her game."
Midwest Record (review of Same Day Delivery... by Chris Spector)
"...a composer of emotional depth and effortless lyricism... not every jazz pianist can keep an audience at rapt attention with mostly unfamiliar material. Pintchik can and did... she's out to weave a spell, and this she does as well as anyone on the scene... her tunes are subtle, intriguing and seductive, not-so-buried treasures waiting to be recognized and discovered by other jazz artists."
DownBeat (review of Dec 1 2016 gig at Jazz at Kitano by Allen Morrison)
"...exquisitely beautiful...elegant and heartfelt...Leslie Pintchik creates a rich palette of music that is discerning, unexpected and always inviting."
NYC Jazz Record (review of You Eat My Food... by Donald Elfman)
"Leslie plays with complete engagement... [she] brings depth and thought to everything she plays. "
JazzWax.com (review of You Eat My Food... by Marc Myers)
"...the music marks Pintchik as a joyful spirit. Elsewhere, it's her tender side that comes through..."
AllAboutJazz.com (review of You Eat My Food... by Dan Bilawsky)
"'You Eat My Food...' is a finely crafted set of songs by a talented pianist, featuring a band that does them justice."
JazzTimes (review of You Eat My Food... by Jeff Tamarkin)
"...an excellent set of piano-led jazz, alternately funky and tender, playful and profound. Leslie Pintchik can play with as much verve and feeling as any other mainstream pianist around and she also writes exceptional tunes."
AllAboutJazz.com (review of You Eat My Food... by Jerome Wilson)
"A crafty, lyrically minded improviser and a compelling composer..."
The New Yorker
"Pianist/composer Leslie Pintchik has done it again, turning out yet another elevating experience on her latest album, You Eat My Food,You Drink My Wine, You Steal My Girl!"
MelMinter.com (review of You Eat My Food... by Mel Minter)
"This album is a must-have for all jazz collections."
CDHotlist.com (review of You Eat My Food... by Rick Anderson)
"...the pianist takes consistently inventive solos that swing yet are a bit unpredictable. Leslie Pintchik deserves to be much better known."
LA Jazz Scene (review of You Eat My Food... by Scott Yanow)
"Her touch is as singing and tender as the many-splendoured tenderness of a Schubert composition."
Jazz Da Gama (review of You Eat My Food... by Raul da Gama)
"I don't know if she tap-dances and can eradicate world poverty, but she's put together a really splendid, life-affirming album."
Musicweb-International.com (review of You Eat My Food... by Jonathan Woolf)
"Pintchik's touch is rooted in post bop but with a marrow of romanticism
always flowing through the capillaries, making this a gem of a session."
Jazz Weekly (review of You Eat My Food... by George Harris)
"The qualities I have admired in her previous [CDs] - intelligent melodies, smart interplay with the band, and solos that unwind in the most fascinating ways - all that and more is evident on the new recording...her music is mature, modern, and worth your attention."
Step Tempest Blog (review of You Eat My Food... by Richard Kamins)
"Leslie Pintchik's music has a magical draw to it.... Her pieces...have a way of registering and resonating both with the pleasure center of the brain and the heart... Getting lost in this music is simply a joy. If 2016 has a more pleasurable listen to offer than True North, this writer hasn't heard it yet. (4 1/2 stars)"
AllAboutJazz.com (review of True North by Dan Bilawsky)
"Pintchik's title track is a smoldering samba showcasing Wilson's matchless soprano sax, in addition to passionate choruses by Hardy and Pintchik...The well-known compositions are played at an equally high level."
New York City Jazz Record (review of True North by Ken Dryden)
"... a pianist who favors thoughtfulness and melody... exciting tunes... a subtle and deeply personal performance."
Downbeat Magazine
(review of True North by Bob Protzman)
"The first time I heard Leslie Pintchik, on her album In the Nature of Things, I was struck by 'the piercing intelligence behind her musical conceptions, the muscular grace of her playing, and her supple emotional expression.' The 10 tracks—6 originals and 4 standards—on her new album, True North, indicate that nothing has changed, except that her band has gotten even tighter than it was back in 2014. "
Musically Speaking (review of True North by Mel Minter)
"Pianist and composer Leslie Pintchik is one of the finest bandleaders in the field of straight-ahead jazz right now, someone who not only writes with inventive wit and a keen melodic sense, but who also consistently draws the best out of her band members — and she plays piano like a combination of Bud Powell and Bill Evans, impressionistic without being arty, tunefully direct without being simplistic. This is her fifth album as a leader, and honestly, it’s hard to imagine her continuing to get better than this: six originals, four standards (including a limpidly gorgeous rendition of the Mancini/Mercer composition “Charade”), every one of them a gem. Put this one on the shelf next to one of your favorite Fred Hersch discs and see if they don’t just nestle together like perfectly-matched lovers. I’m already looking forward to her next album."
CD HotList (review of True North by Rick Anderson)
"Just as you can't imagine the 20th Century without Thelonious Monk's oeuvre, or the 21st Century without Wayne Shorter's I am putting all my money on the future of Leslie Pintchik's oeuvre and the proof of this is in this disc. Few 21st opuses on are so diverse or so heedless of the acknowledged conventions of the time."
Jazz da Gama (review of True North by Raul da Gama)
"Lyrical and melodic with a deft touch and intimate sound, pianist Leslie Pintchik is the real deal.... a singular voice all her own."
Monarch Magazine (review of True North)
"Pintchik serves up a delicious meal for the ears."
thejazzwriter (review of True North by Woodrow Wilkins)
"Leslie has her own sound and style... her solos are very inventive.... A sympathetic rhythm section completes a well-structured and played programme of modern music."
Jazz Journal UK (review of True North by Derek Ansell)
"All the musicians are superb...They're a first-class jazz group, and this is a first-class album."
Jazz Scan (review of True North by Ric Bang)
"...another gem in her remarkable catalog."
Fulvue Drive-in (review of True North by Nicholas Sheffo)
"Pintchik is not nearly as famous as her talent deserves; "True North" shows that her work is overdue for wider recognition."
Jazz History Online (review of True North by Thomas Cunniffe)
"Like the CD cover, with a crush of seagulls scattered across a gray sky, this album takes flight and lifts me when I listen."
Musical Memoirs (review of True North by Dee Dee McNeil)
"In the Nature of Things [is] one of the more captivating recordings to come out so far this year..."
The New Yorker
"...a gorgeous display of the trio..."
"'Sparkle' is the type of tune we all need to start the day."
"'There You Go,' the track that closes the album, captures the magic of this trio in performance..."
"Leslie Pintchik's new offering makes me think of the title of her first recording: 'So Glad To Be Here.' I am. So will you, after you hear it."
WBGO Radar
(review of In The Nature Of Things by WBGO music director Gary Walker)
"... Pintchik's music is fresh, full of light and instantly invigorating (4 stars)"
Downbeat Magazine
"... achingly beautiful. I truly felt throughout the album she was having a conversation with me, the listener -- a level of intimacy that is rare today in jazz."
JazzWax.com (review of In The Nature Of Things by Marc Myers)
"This is one of those rare sessions you can roll out from beginning to end without getting either bored or jarred. Moreover, as varied as the music is, the CD almost feels like a symphony in nine movements. This is largely because, whether the tune is a ballad or samba or second-line groove, there's always the sense of a clearly-defined and consistent musical intelligence at work. This is the mark of a true artist."
AllAboutJazz.com (review of In The Nature Of Things by Dr. Judith Schlesinger)
"A great thing about Leslie Pintchik’s music is that it defies categorizing and is simply and appealingly expressive. Pintchik is a deft and imaginative player and a composer who understands texture, color and how best to utilize her players, working in a relaxed, assured fashion that is engaging and always intelligent. "
"...'I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face'... is transformed from a show-stopping anthem to a ballad of great love and feeling. Hardy’s bass playing is gorgeous and gentle and he and Sarin provide just the right bottom for this stunning reading."
"a beautifully detailed portrait of Leslie Pintchik."
NYC Jazz Record (review of In The Nature Of Things by Donald Elfman)
"... a seductive sound that combines the cerebral with the engaging and beautiful..."
"Pintchik's touch is sparklingly exquisite..."
"...stellar pianism on full display..."
"Pinchik has crafted her most ambitious and beautiful outing to date."
AllAboutJazz.com (review of In The Nature Of Things by Dan McClenaghan)
"...although the pieces are beautifully crafted and constructed, it's the overall vibe that makes them come alive. And isn't that the key to all great music?"
"...a seamless attention to space and melodic detail that can't be denied."
Jazz Inside Magazine (review of In The Nature Of Things by Eric Harabadian)
"This is that comparitive rarity, a good well thought out jazz disc where composition, scoring and solo work are equally attractive."
Jazz Journal (UK) (review of In The Nature Of Things by Derek Ansell)
"Pintchik shows that she has it all on the ball as a jazzbo leader/writer/player..."
"...a set that can go toe to toe with any of your fave piano jazz sets..."
"...you owe it to yourself to open your ears and check this out."
Midwest Record (review of In The Nature Of Things by Chris Spector)
"As well as the expert performances by Pintchik and her co-players, the high quality of the compositions and arrangements make 'In the Nature of Things' easy to like."
"Pintchik's technique impresses not by dazzling with fast and flashy passages but by constant engagement throughout the twists and turns of her solo."
JazzTimes Community Article (review of In The Nature... by Virginia Schaefer)
"Leslie Pintchik's musicianship is informed by deep, soulful emotion as well as bristling intellect."
"this album [is] one that is hard not to listen to over and over again."
Jazz Da Gama (review of In The Nature Of Things by Raul Da Gama)

"The compositions are magic..."
"This disc bears comparision with the jazz of any day..."
bebop spoken here (review of In The Nature Of Things by Lance Liddle)

"[Pintchik's] I'd Turn Back if I Were You is an odd-ball masterpiece..."
"Pintchik's There You Go ... [is] another off-kilter classic"
Rochester City Newspaper (review of In The Nature Of Things by Ron Netsky)

"Leslie Pintchik performs with an elegance and lyrical sense of purpose rarely heard."
"...emotional depth with a nuanced harmonic movement ... intimate in presentation yet fierce in execution."
"Leslie Pintchik is an improvisational triple threat as pianist, arranger and composer."
"The ability to touch your heart and set your hair on fire in the same piece is a rare gift, Leslie Pintchik is that gifted artist."
"This release is already an easy choice for a best of 2014 list."
Bop-N-Jazz (review of In The Nature Of Things by Brent Black)
"In The Nature Of Things is inspiring and comforting music, well worth exploring time and again."
Step Tempest (review of In The Nature Of Things by Richard B. Kamins)
"...the excellence of the compositions, soloists and arrangements make this an album that is sure to become a favorite of all who hear it."
Jazz History Online (review of In The Nature Of Things by Thomas Cunniffe)
"Apart from a lovely and bittersweet rendition of the standard I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face, this is an all-original program of modern small-ensemble jazz from pianist and composer Leslie Pintchik."
"Very highly recommended to all jazz collections."
CD Hotlist (review of In The Nature Of Things by Rick Anderson)
"This is an outstanding addition to Pintchik's discography and one for fans of the modern mainstream."
A Jazz Listener's Thoughts (review of In The Nature Of Things)
"... enormous gifts as a composer, arranger and pianist "
All Music Guide
"The strength of Pintchik's original compositions lends her music great depth and beauty...."
Jazz Inside Magazine
"... state-of-the-art postbop... in a sharp new self-released disc In the Nature of Things."
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