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Duologue (August, 2014)
Liner notes for the Steve Wilson/Lewis Nzash CD Duologue (released August 2014 on the MCG Record Label).

A Note From Leslie (In The Nature Of Things)
An "author's note" from my CD
In The Nature Of Things.

(February, 2014)
Liner notes for Bruce Barth's CD Daybreak on the Savant Record Label.

Three Things of Beauty
(April, 2012)
Liner notes for Bruce Barth's CD Three Things of Beauty on the Savant Record Label.

A Note From Leslie (We're Here To Listen)
An "author's note" from my CD
We're Here To Listen.

What's On Your Playlist (November, 2010)
What's on my playlist? A short list of CD's that have moved me (and why), posted here on the Jazz Ed Magazine website.

Need To Know (July, 2010)
What does a writer need to know in order to write both well, and also dispassionately, about music? A short piece posted on the Jazz Journalists Association website on July 28th, 2010.


Jazz Inside Interview: Leslie Pintchik (April, 2014)
An interview conducted by Eric Nemeyer, posted in the April 2014 issue of Jazz Inside Magazine

Leslie Pintchik: Two Different Kinds of Art (May, 2011)
An interview conducted by Bruce Lindsay, posted on AllAboutJazz.com